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One of Indigo's Most Anticipated Cookbooks of 2024!  Available March 26, 2024

Can what you eat actually affect your mood? The short answer is YES. Discover how to eat to reduce stress, boost energy, help focus, instill calm, and improve sleep. In Good Food, Good Mood, you’ll learn that by eating better you can feel better too.

The Second Cookbook from the Award-Winning Living Kitchen Team

By Tamara Green, BA, CNP

& Sarah Grossman, BA, CNP

100 Nourishing Recipes to Support Mind & Body Wellness

Good Mood

Good Food

There are many pieces to the mental wellness puzzle, and in their second cookbook, certified nutritionists Tamara Green and Sarah Grossman focus on one element that you can control: food. By taking you through the latest science, in clear, digestible bites, they provide key takeaways that you can implement into your daily life to help you support your mood through food.

Learn how to make better food choices that will support your mental health without completely cutting out sweets or grasping for other “quick-fix” solutions.


Good Food, Good Mood

At a glance, each recipe identifies the mood and nutrient benefits you may experience with that specific dish, including balancing blood sugar, providing protein, delivering healthy fats, supplying fiber, and more.

Empower Yourself

Depending on your needs, snack on Easy Seedy Flax Crackers to help balance blood sugar and enhance focus; enjoy Ribboned Carrot Slaw with Miso Sesame Vinaigrette to help ease anxiety by supporting gut health; and feast on Crispy Turmeric Chicken Thighs for a protein-rich meal to create feel-good neurotransmitters.

Eat For Your Mood

With mental health at the forefront of so many people’s minds, exploring the relationship between brain and gut health has never been more important. With Good Food, Good Mood as your guide, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to make the best choices for your mental well-being—and overall health—today and long into the future.

Mental Health

Apply this knowledge to your daily meal planning with over 100 recipes spanning Breakfasts, Snacks, Mains, Sides, Desserts,

and Drinks

Take Action

100 +

Miso Savory Oats with Soft Boiled Eggs

Green Shakshuka

Salty Chocolate Walnut Bars

Almond Butter Chocolate Cups

Breakfast Salad

Blistered Tomatoes with Jammy Eggs


Coconut Berrt-Swirl Popsicles

Melon Poppy Seed Shrimp Salad

Zucchini Pancakes with Miso Aioli

Sweet Potato Noodles with Almond Sauce and Tempeh

One Pan Miso Braised Cod and Leeks

Shredded Veggie Burgers with Probiotic Yogurt

Sheet-Pan Zhoug Salmon with Roasted Cabbage Wedges

Delicious Recipes & Gorgeous Photos

Sarah & Tamara

The Authors

Sarah Grossman & Tamara Green are certified nutritionists and the founders of Living Kitchen. They offer online group coaching programs for clients worldwide, as well as private chef services to their clients in Ontario, Canada. They are recipe and content creators for Food Network Canada among other digital brands. They love cooking for people and educating them on how what they eat impacts their entire lives. Tamara and Sarah are the authors of The Living Kitchen: Nourishing Whole-Food Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery.  

“Tamara and Sarah take you on an entertaining journey from the science of the brain-gut microbiome system to 100 gut- and brain-friendly recipes. They present the scientific background in lay-friendly terms followed by delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes. For anybody interested in an evidence-based healthy diet, this book is a must.”—EMERAN A. MAYER, MD, professor, and author of the bestselling The Mind-Gut Connection and The Mind-Gut Immune Connection 

Good Food, Good Mood stole my heart with its trout burgers. What a great application of the new rules of Nutritional Psychiatry to help people feedtheir mental health.”—DREW RAMSEY, MD, founder of the Brain Food Clinic and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

“What I love about this cookbook is that it appeals to so many kinds of dietary styles! Whether you are vegetarian or paleo, you will find delicious, nutrient-dense, and visually beautiful food to make for yourself and your family. The recipes are uncomplicated to make and super flavorful.”—MOLLY MALOOF, MD, and author of The Spark Factor

Good Food, Good Mood is more than a cookbook. You’ll learn why eating well for mental health is important and how to take action. The information is presented in a way that is both delicious and digestible, and I’m grateful for this new tool to share with my patients.”—LAURA LACHANCE, MD, MSc, FRCPC, psychiatrist and Nutritional Psychiatry researcher

Good Food, Good Mood is to date one of my favorite cookbooks! As a physician practicing functional medicine, I believe good nutrition is the foundation we build health and longevity upon. I happen to be particularly interested in the far-reaching impacts of dialing in metabolic health, and these recipes will forever be a muse for me and my patients. The meals are properly balanced, but also delicious and easy enough to execute as a busy doctor-mom. My personal favorites are the Crispy Turmeric Chicken Thighs, the Hearty Nordic Loaf, and the Beet Tahini Yogurt Dip. An amazing addition to your cookbook collections—I can recommend highly, and with enthusiasm!”—ANJALI DSOUZA, MD, founder and medical director of the District Center for Integrative Medicine

“This gorgeous book is packed with nutrient-dense, whole food recipes that optimize gut health, stabilize moods, and create hormone harmony. Tamara and Sarah take a refreshingly simple approach to fueling your body for better moods, and dissolving the stress and overwhelm that most people are facing in the kitchen.”—ASHLEIGH NORRIS, registered nutritionist and founder of The Soulful Sprout Holistic Nutrition

Good Food, Good Mood brings to clarity the connection between gut and brain in anapproachable way without hifalutin jargon, like you are talking to a friend—a very smartfriend! Throughout this beautifully photographed book, Tamara and Sarah weave science-backed information with mouthwatering recipes, all to help you cook with savvy, eat with intention, and give you peace of mind.”—SONIA WONG, creator of the award-nominated blog saltnpepperhere and contributor for Food Network Canada

Good Food, Good Mood seamlessly combines delicious recipes with daily, wellness lifestyle tips that will resonate with readers who don’t enjoy the dietary status quo and find happiness eating in the ways that make them feel like the best versions of themselves.”—VALERIE AZINGE, chef and author of 30-Minute Low-Carb Dinners

Praise For

Good Food, Good Mood

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